Tuesday, 19 March 2013

The Nautical as at 19 Mar 2013

I drove by The Nautical just now and couldn't resist to take some photos of the development. Block 99 has reached the fifth floor which is the highest and the top will be a tennis court. However, I think Block 99 is a bit short and there should be another building at the back.

Block 99 development
Block 97 is slower and I guess it is about 1 storey high. I will be able to see the development by standing at the landed property area at Jalan Malu Malu. As this road serves the private properties, I try not to go there often.

Block 97
Block 95 is probably 4 storeys high. I can see the design of the condo with ship deck-liked features. The two swimming pools will be surrounding this Block 95 which will make this block unique.

Block 95
The slowest of the blocks is Block 93. It is still building the foundation and I hope it can catch up with the rest.

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