Friday, 15 March 2013

Buy 10 lots of Golden Agri today

I have been monitoring this stock recently and also over the years. I noticed that this stock ranged from 50+ cents to 80+ cents. Recently, it is hovering between 60 cents to 68 cents. Many times, I told myself that I will buy when it hit 62 cents and I didn't buy. After hitting 62 cents, it will go up to 65 cents. When it hit 60 cents, it will go up to 64 cents.

So, today, I queue again at 60 cents for 10lots at about 4.30pm. There are about 25 millions shares waiting to be bought at 60 cents. At 5pm, it was at 60.5 cents and I thought I did not get the shares.

I log-in at 5.25pm to check and saw that I got the shares at 59 cents despite I queued at 60 cents. Well, not sure whether it is lucky or not, anyway, 59 cents is much better than buying at 60 cents. Golden Agri is giving a very small dividend ($0.0059) and the ex-dividend date is 29 Apr 2013. This is very low compared to the other dividend stocks that I have. However, I think the risk is low because in the long run, it will go above 60 cents and it is still giving dividend which is better than keeping my money in the bank.

For 10lots, I will get $59 dollars after 29 Apr and if within this period, it can go above 63 cents, I will sell to lock in the profit at 7%. This is because my target is to get 7% yield from my investment (not necessary from dividend but may come from capital gain).

Golden Agri:
52 week high: 80.5 cents
52 week low: 59 cents
Gross yield: 2%
Net P/E: 15
M Cap $mil: 7766.7

My target is to hold this stock for 6 months. Target price to sell is 63 cents. This is not an indication to buy or sell.

But I'm actually risking my portfolio because I already have Olam in my investment. Olam, Noble, Golden Agri and Wilmar are somewhat quite similar. I have always been telling myself to choose between these four. Sometimes, it is difficult and I have made a wrong choice of buying Olam instead of Wilmar. But as I have mentioned that when I invest, I want to make money and not losing. I will only sell when it hit my breakeven price (plus dividend), so that I did not lose any money.

What are your views?

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