Saturday, 27 April 2013

Sold 100 PAY shares

Sold my 100 PAY shares. I think I sold too early and the stock price went higher yesterday. But I don't look back even if it goes even higher. As long as I don't lose any money, it is ok for me.

Looking ahead, I'm planning to sell my LVS shares after the earning announcement next week. Hopefully, it can cross 57 and move to 60. If it reaches 60, I will sell my shares.

As the saying goes, sell in May and go away. Not sure how true but I'm keeping a watchful eye on this. Keeping some resources for good opportunity to enter.

I will not be updating my investment weekly. I will only update if there are changes in my portfolio.

Yangzijiang will be ex-div on 8 May, giving me 500 dollars. I will keep an eye on this, if it crosses over 1 dollar, I will then decide whether to sell before ex-div. This is because my target is to collect the dividend of 500 dollars. If I can made 500 dollars before ex-div, I will do so.

As for the rest, I see movement for Gold Agr and I hope it can move towards 60 cents. I will be collect 59 dollars next week as dividend. Not much but can pay for the commission fee.

Investment as at 27 Apr 2013

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Investment as at 21 Apr 2013

On 17 Apr, I added in 10 lots of China Fishery into my portfolio. I have also wanted to buy CF and I think I have bought CF in the past and made some profits.

I think CF has potential to go higher even if it fails to bid for the Copeinca. The dividend payouts have been quite regular with some fluctuations but then it manages to pay for the past few years. At 41 cents though, it went lower to 39 cents since I bought but still it is quite low for CF. I will keep CF for now and target price is > 50 cents.

Recently, most of my counters are not doing well. This is part and parcel of investing. There are highs and lows, so we don't have to worry too much. As long as the company is still around, the price will be matched and go higher when the market turns around. When I invest, I'm prepared to lose the money. This is life and most people cannot take this and ended up losing more money. When you invest in the company, you are pretty sure that it is a good investment and you don't mind the fluctuation.

Investment as at 21 Apr 2013

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Investment as at 14 Apr 2013

I was thinking of selling LVS and PAY on Friday. But I was very reluctant because I think LVS and PAY have potential to go higher, especially LVS.

There are a number of upgrades for LVS and Sands expects to continue to rack up gains in Macau. LVS is said to be considering a special dividend payment or stock buyback later this month. Not sure whether this is true but it will definitely be a boost to the stock.

My target now has been raised to 58 for LVS...

PAY will probably be a target for M & A. The price has become very attractive and I think there are rumours that it will be a good candidate for M & A. I certainly hope so. Target for PAY is 25.

I bought another 435 Olam bonds from the unit share section. Paid about 8 dollars of commission and GST. When I bought the bonds, I was thinking why I had done that. This is because I don't need to buy the 435 to make 2 lots of bonds. When the bonds mature in 5 years, I will get back the capital plus 5%, that is USD1565. But I was thinking that one day, I will make a decision to sell the 2 lots when I think it is time to sell (before the 5 years are up). Anyway, the commission is not much.

In two weeks' time, Yangzijiang will declare the dividend of 5 cents. Let's see whether the price will go up from there. If not, I will take the 500 dollars and then sell when it goes back to the buy price.

Not sure when N. Korea will fire the missile. I was thinking of buying the following last week.

China Fishery

My friend told me that he had bought some shares of Matex when it is around SGD0.05. Recently, the company has a private placement and the stock shot up to 0.19. He was very thrilled as he had made >200% of profit. He has sold some shares to lock in the profits.

He is recommending China Paper. He is keeping long term. However, I have not much confidence in China Paper because recently the financial records were destroyed in a fire. It is a bit fishy in this case especially it seems only the records were burnt. Anyway, if I have a lot of spare cash, I may buy. But I think China Fishery has a better chance.

Not an indication to buy or sell. Buy or sell at your own risk.

Investment as at 14 Apr 2013

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Investment as at 7 Apr 2013

From one of my posts that I will sell LVS when it hit 55, I'm wondering whether it's the hope that it will reach higher or my own procrastination. Well, I try to sleep before midnight...

There are probably two things that may have caused the LVS price to drop. One is the lawsuit brought by a Hong Kong businessman who says that the casino run by billionaire Sheldon Adelson woes him for obtaining a license to operate in Macau. The other is the H9N7 bird flu in China.

I didn't see these two coming and was hoping LVS will ride higher to break the 52-week high of 62. It kept dropping last week and I hope it does not drop below 50. I will load again when it is 20% below my buy price. I'm thinking whether it makes sense to sell half of my holding and keep the other half. When it drops below a certain value, I can use the other half to buy back at a cheaper price. When it goes above a certain value, I can sell the other half to gain back some profits. However, every transaction, I will need to pay a minimum fee of 20 dollars.

Golden Agri:
I'm keeping, though the price was dropping for the last week. The CPO price is relatively weak but I'm keeping it till I break-even.

Maybe I should have sold one lot (which I bought at 1.51) to lock in the profit when Olam was at 1.75. But I was thinking that that may not help much. 

The dividend is set at 0.05 per share. AGM will be on 26 Apr and shareholders will vote to approve this. So, probably the ex-div date will be in middle of May. So, in May, I will receive $500 for my investment. If after ex-div, the price is still above my buy price, I will sell the stock and move to other counters.

Saw the price went to 0.645, I was thinking of buying but I wanted to conserve my funds.

Not an indication to buy or sell.

Investment as at 7 Apr 2013