Wednesday, 6 March 2013

PAY price jumped after earning report

PAY's stock price ranged 20 to 21.99 yesterday. However, closing at about US$21. I hope the management will look into why they have not gotten many contract in year 2012 and shake up the executive team. I'm positive on this stock as I don't see why it is not making any money. Every shop or store will need a point of sale device to make the merchant transaction. There are many stores or shops opening in the world and I'm sure the devices are needed. They are working on new methods and devices for the new generation POS and I'm sure they will still be the leader in the industry. Let's hope it can go higher.

This is not an indication for sell or buy. Just my opinion. Feel free to comment....

22 Mar 2013 Update: Standpoint Research has initiated coverage on PAY. It has a buy rating for PAY on 20 Mar 2013. At yesterday closing of USD21.07, let's see whether this stock will move higher. My profit currnetly stands at 6% and is the target of my gain. However, I see potential in this stock and hope to see the price goes beyond USD25.

I will monitor and see whether there is any hope for this. May sell when it is around 23 or so, based on my feeling.... This is not an indication to sell or buy. Thanks.

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