Saturday, 30 March 2013

Investment as at 31 Mar 2013

I sold the Mapletree Greater China Commercial Trust (Mapletree GCC) that my wife and I got from the IPO (93 cents). We applied 11 lots for the IPO and gotten only 3 lots based on the allocation. We are lucky to get the 3 lots but we feel that 3 lots are not enough to see good returns. After consulting with my wife, we decided to sell the 3 lots last Thursday. I have been monitoring the Mapletree Logistics trust and the yield looks attractive enough at over 6%. The price ranges from 1.15 to 1.24 dollars and will enter when it is about 1.17 level.

However, probably for this time, either my wife invests or we will share again. Recently, I have acquired a few counters and thought that maybe I should hold back some investments just in case of market corrections. But industrial reits should be ok at his market conditions.

Two other stocks have caught my attention:

(1) City Dev
(2) Swiber

For City Dev, I was tempted to buy the stock at 10.78 when it dropped suddenly. If I have the extra cash, I would have bought it then and sold last week at 11.33 (5% yield). This is good return for just within one month. One reason that I would have bought is the dividend that it is giving. Even if it dropped below 10.78, at least I can still collect some dividends... well, I missed this. I will keep a look out when it drops to below 11 dollars.

For Swiber, this stock ranges from 60 to 70 cents. I was tempted to buy at 65 cents. Based on last week's high, I would have gained 3 cents (4.6%) in less than 2 weeks. However, same thing, not enough capital to buy.

I don't follow technical charts and the buy and sell are based on my experience on the counters. I think this has helped in most of my trades. Also, buy good counters with good yield and in time of crisis, you can get regular payout.

My target is to have 500K invested in good counters with at least 5% yield. Just imagine that based on 5% yield (minimum), you will get 25K per year. If your retirement plan is to spend 2K or less, then 25K is more than sufficient for your retirement plan. If you manage to have 1million in good counters, you will have about 50K or more in dividend payouts. If there are capital gains in some counters, you may liquidate to enjoy the gains and then put them into other counters. You can save up some cash to put into counters when the market corrects. Then, you will have more returns.

I told my colleagues about this and some are interested and others say that they don't have time. Actually, you don't need much time. Just look out for good counters and monitor the dividends and prices. Also, start early for investing. If you have invested 10K 5 years ago, you would have reaped good returns today. Never too late to start but start investing within your means... invest with money that you don't need for the next 5 years...

This is not an indication to buy or sell. Invest with care.

Investment as at 31 Mar 2013

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