Thursday, 21 March 2013

Investment - Taking profits

I'm thinking of taking profits from the investment.

HPH trust:
Bought: USD0.805
Today it touches USD0.84. I regretted not selling when it hit USD0.85 recently. I'm queuing now at USD0.84. If the trade is done, my profit will be about USD300 after deducting the commission.

The next dividend announcement will be in July for August ex-div. I will enter to buy again when the price is around USD0.80. I think anything around 80 cents or below should be relatively safe. This stock has been trading between 76 cents to 86 cents. So if you see anything from below 80 cents, you can buy and hold. Anyway, the dividend yield per year is about 6~7%. As long as you don't buy at high 86 cents, it should be fine.

This is not an indication to buy or sell. Just my personal opinion.

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