Thursday, 7 March 2013

Mapletree Greater China Commercial Trust IPO - Update

My wife and I applied for 11 lots and managed to get 3 lots from the balloting. 

The allocation result:

1 to 9 lots --> may get 1 lot
10 to 19 lots --> may get 3 lots
20 to 49 lots --> may get 6 lots
50 to 99 lots --> may get 12 lots
100 to 199 lots --> may get 20 lots
200 to 499 lots --> may get 35 lots
500 to 999 lots --> may get 72 lots
1000 and above --> may get 131 lots

So, we are one of the 8166 applicants to get 3 lots. The stock started trading today at 2pm and it opened at S$1.02. It closed at S$1.03 which was 10% higher than the IPO price of S$0.93. We will keep this 3 lots for dividend and unless it can go higher than 30%, we will not sell. For long term investment.

Saw in one forum that someone mentioned she got 5 lots. I'm sure she is lying because the allocation is 1, 3, 6, 12 lots etc. So, it is not possible to have 5 lots. Sometimes, when you want to bluff people, you must be smart to know that the details and not blindly say it. 

This is not an indication to buy or sell. 

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