Wednesday, 15 October 2014

The Nautical Condo Update - Stage 3

On 7 October 2014, my bank had effected a drawdown of 10% on the progressive payment. For my block, it is a bit slow and my unit is only at Stage 3 of completion (there are 8 stages). However, 50% of the units in my block have already reached Stage 5. Stage 6 is the completion of carpark, roads & drains serving the housing estate.

Drove by the Nautical Condo just now, I can see that the focus is now on the ground floor units and the swimming pools. I didn't manage to take some photos just now but I had taken one when I was there earlier this month. 

Block 99 - work in progress!
Right now, they have built a huge tent over the swimming pools, so I guess they are now working on the pools. I hope they do a good job and can complete Stage 4 and 5 by this year 2014! Looking forward to it...