Friday, 20 March 2015

Sold my Singtel and SGX shares 20 March 2015

I sold away my Singtel and SGX shares. They were bought one year ago and already earning 4% dividends. They were sitting on 15% profits and I wanted to lock them in. However, I had the feeling that after I sold my shares, they would climb higher. I learn not to fall in love with my stocks and so I sold them to get some capital gains.

I will buy again when Singtel is around $3.50 and SGX is less than $7. These are the entry prices that I think will earn at least 10% in a year.

Now I'm thinking of whether to sell my CapitalMall Trust shares. It is sitting on some profits that are quite hard to resist but on the other hand, it is paying good dividends. I will sell if it hits $2.30 and buy again at $1.90.

The Nautical Condo Update - Stage 5

Just received the letter from my lawyer that they have disbursed another 5% to the developer for the completion of Stage 5. There is a rumor that the TOP for Nautical Condo is around June and July 2015. Keeping our fingers crossed!