Friday, 8 May 2015

Is the Nautical Condo going to TOP soon?

The blue plastic stickers have been removed from the glass windows of the sky lounge and the gym since end of Apr 2015. I heard from the Nautical Condo Facebook page that the waterfall at the edge of the swimming pool is running.

The balconies of the two units at Block 93 that were still under construction had already been completed. I didn't have the time to see whether the Nautical signboard at the entrance has been completed. Last time I saw that the sign was still not ready yet.

From the outside, it should look like the Nautical Condo is ready for TOP. I have the feeling that the TOP will be around July 2015.

I have checked the eServices website. The Nautical Condo has applied for site inspection on 9 April 2015. I think the site inspection is currently being carried out at the Nautical Condo. Some people have already posted on the FB page that water is running on the edge of the pool (liked waterfall). I think if the inspection takes a couple of months and rectification to be done (if any during the inspection), the most likely date for TOP is still in July 2015.

status of Plan Application
Status of Plan Application
The website for the Nautical condo handover slots eBooking is up. The venue for the keys collection is at Block 97 Jalan Sendudok 5th floor Sky Dining lounge. The FAQ section will tell you more information on the online booking of appointment and procedure for key collection. You will need to clear all your payments and wait at least 5 days before you can book the appointment.

The Nautical - Handover Slots eBooking System
The Nautical - Handover Slots eBooking System


  1. Hi, thanks for post! How can we check top on sla website? May I know how you found the ebooking link? Thank u!

    1. Hi Sandy, you can try this bca website for TOP information but you need to know the plan number.

      For ebooking, you can try this but I think the Nautical Condo site is not ready yet. You bought a unit there?

      But you

      Check out the photos of Nautical Condo.

  2. It's official. TOP on 31 Jul 2015.