Sunday, 17 March 2013

Investment as at 17 Mar 2013

HPH trust suddenly shoots up to end at USD0.835 per share at closing. Missed the chance to buy at USD0.78 as I was holding 10 lots at USD0.805 per share. I will only add more when it is below 20% of my purchase price. I will probably sell HPH trust when it hit USD0.89 (10% capital gain).

Added in another stock, Golden Agri at SGD0.59. My target is to sell around 0.63 (about 6.7% gain). If it goes lower, I will keep it to collect the dividend at end of April. Target to hold for 6 months.

Commodity and agri stocks suddenly turned south. Olam dropped to SGD1.625. Tomorrow, I will queue at the unit share section to buy 435 shares of the bonds. I have 1565 shares which cannot sell under the normal trading of 1000 shares (1 lot). I will need to buy another 435 shares to make it to 2000 shares (2 lots). Since it dropped, there will probably be some selling pressures and hopefully I can get them cheap at USD0.711 per share.

Investment as at 17 Mar 2013

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