Friday, 24 June 2016

CapitaStar Rewards

If you like shopping at Malls or your spouse likes to shop, you can signup for rewards Programme as the Malls. For example, if you shop at Malls managed by CapitaLand Mall, you can sign up for the Capitastar rewards. You can download the apps from Apple Store and use the Apps to scan your receipt. Every time you spend $20 and above, you can use the app to capture the receipt image and send it in to get the rewards points.

I was lucky to be surrounded by these Malls and every time I spend at the mall I will use my phone to capture the receipt image and send it. You don't need to queue up at the kiosk to scan the receipts. You can do it at your comfortable time and place using your mobile phone app. However, do note that you need to scan and upload the receipt with the next day.

My points are expiring on 30 June 2016. I managed to accumulate 40,000 points and was able to redeem $40 CapitaVoucher. The validity of the voucher is 1 year.

Who says you can't earn money by shopping? It pays to go around and check what type of rewards Programme is available. Besides CapitaStar, I Aso have JEM rewards app. However, I seldom shop at JEM, so I have not reached the amount to redeem any voucher.