Wednesday, 27 March 2013

HPH Trust - sold my shares 27 Mar 2013

HPH trust will replace F&N in the SGX STI components next week. I have been trying to sell the stock at USD0.84 over the last few days. Today, I manage to sell it away at USD0.84. It touches USD0.85 today.

Well, I bought in Jan for USD0.805, got the USD350 dividend in my bank and now another USD350 (minus commission) going to my bank. I would say that the yield is over 8%, this is within my target.

I will be monitoring this stock and when it reaches USD0.80 again, I will buy and keep for the next dividend. If I had sold a few weeks back, I would have picked up the stock recently at USD0.78 and made a handsome profit today at USD0.84. So, lesson learned and I have to take profit and wait for the next best opportunity to enter. Although it is going to be an index stock next week, I don't think it will fly very high after looking at those in the index stocks. In fact, I think most stocks fare better if they are not in the index stocks. Anyway, this is not an indication to buy or sell.

Yangzijiang has moved today and hit SGD0.985 and I have the intention to sell at SGD0.98. I know that the AGM will be around 26 Apr and they will declare a dividend of 5 cents. I will probably keep the stock to get the 5 cents dividend. Unless the stock goes above 1 dollar, I will not sell too soon.

I told myself that my target is to earn at least SGD300 a month from stocks. This will gradually increase when I build a bigger base (capital) to invest.

Previously, I have seven positions and today, I close the HPH trust counter. I intent to put SGD10K worth of stocks over several counters and will exit when there are sufficient profits. Let's see whether my strategy will work.

Investment as at 27 Mar 2013

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