Saturday, 27 April 2013

Sold 100 PAY shares

Sold my 100 PAY shares. I think I sold too early and the stock price went higher yesterday. But I don't look back even if it goes even higher. As long as I don't lose any money, it is ok for me.

Looking ahead, I'm planning to sell my LVS shares after the earning announcement next week. Hopefully, it can cross 57 and move to 60. If it reaches 60, I will sell my shares.

As the saying goes, sell in May and go away. Not sure how true but I'm keeping a watchful eye on this. Keeping some resources for good opportunity to enter.

I will not be updating my investment weekly. I will only update if there are changes in my portfolio.

Yangzijiang will be ex-div on 8 May, giving me 500 dollars. I will keep an eye on this, if it crosses over 1 dollar, I will then decide whether to sell before ex-div. This is because my target is to collect the dividend of 500 dollars. If I can made 500 dollars before ex-div, I will do so.

As for the rest, I see movement for Gold Agr and I hope it can move towards 60 cents. I will be collect 59 dollars next week as dividend. Not much but can pay for the commission fee.

Investment as at 27 Apr 2013

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