Sunday, 14 April 2013

Investment as at 14 Apr 2013

I was thinking of selling LVS and PAY on Friday. But I was very reluctant because I think LVS and PAY have potential to go higher, especially LVS.

There are a number of upgrades for LVS and Sands expects to continue to rack up gains in Macau. LVS is said to be considering a special dividend payment or stock buyback later this month. Not sure whether this is true but it will definitely be a boost to the stock.

My target now has been raised to 58 for LVS...

PAY will probably be a target for M & A. The price has become very attractive and I think there are rumours that it will be a good candidate for M & A. I certainly hope so. Target for PAY is 25.

I bought another 435 Olam bonds from the unit share section. Paid about 8 dollars of commission and GST. When I bought the bonds, I was thinking why I had done that. This is because I don't need to buy the 435 to make 2 lots of bonds. When the bonds mature in 5 years, I will get back the capital plus 5%, that is USD1565. But I was thinking that one day, I will make a decision to sell the 2 lots when I think it is time to sell (before the 5 years are up). Anyway, the commission is not much.

In two weeks' time, Yangzijiang will declare the dividend of 5 cents. Let's see whether the price will go up from there. If not, I will take the 500 dollars and then sell when it goes back to the buy price.

Not sure when N. Korea will fire the missile. I was thinking of buying the following last week.

China Fishery

My friend told me that he had bought some shares of Matex when it is around SGD0.05. Recently, the company has a private placement and the stock shot up to 0.19. He was very thrilled as he had made >200% of profit. He has sold some shares to lock in the profits.

He is recommending China Paper. He is keeping long term. However, I have not much confidence in China Paper because recently the financial records were destroyed in a fire. It is a bit fishy in this case especially it seems only the records were burnt. Anyway, if I have a lot of spare cash, I may buy. But I think China Fishery has a better chance.

Not an indication to buy or sell. Buy or sell at your own risk.

Investment as at 14 Apr 2013

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