Wednesday, 2 December 2015


Forgot to update on my OIBR stock. I have sold all my holdings a couple of months back. I have made a loss of 90% of my capital. Luckily I only invested USD1.6K only and managed to get 10% back. Well, it is a lesson learned and I think when you see a stock that is low in price, it does not mean that it is a value stock to invest.

I sold it because I think that if it is below USD1 for many months, it will be delisted from the stock exchange NYSE and I would need to do OTC trading if I want to sell it. So, to avoid this from happening, I have decided to sell it and I have not regretted since the day I sold. It is a relief for me.

Luckily, I have made more from Apple stocks and already covered the loss from OIBR. There is nothing more to expect from this OIBR except for it to be delisted from the exchange.

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