Thursday, 11 December 2014

Google AdSense makes no sense

As soon as you are approved for Google AdSense, Google disabled the account. I started blogging since Feb 2012 and had applied to for AdSense. However, it was not approved in the beginning as one of the requirements to be approved for AdSense is that your blog needs to be at least 6 months old. I had applied for a few times but was rejected. This year at around Sep, Google had approved my AdSense application and I was very excited. However, in Nov, Google disabled my AdSense account due to invalid activities. Of course, they did not provide any reason for that. I appealed but was again rejected. I guessed there is no other way but to accept this. So, now I'm exploring other means of ads networks for generating side incomes. Note that this cannot be your main income unless you are successful in driving 100K per day of page views. Even with this amount of traffic, if the cost per click is low, you may be getting only US$100 per month.

But I must admit that AdSense has the most Page RPM. The below AdSense report showed a US$1041.13 Page RPM and the cost per click was US$2.08. It was very good I must say.

AdSense report
I managed to have around US$31.03 when Google disabled my account. All the money was gone. So there is a lot of uncertainties when you work as a publisher for Google AdSense. Google does not allow you to make any mistake, even if it is not made by you.

Just before I received the Google AdSense Personal Identification Number (PIN), my account was disabled.

PIN mail to verify address

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