Thursday, 11 December 2014

Google AdSense Alternative -

If your account has been disabled, it is very difficult and nearly impossible to get back your AdSense account. Most of the time, it is very difficult to earn a living by having AdSense in your blog, unless you are getting 100K pageviews per day and if 1000 or 10K unique people click on the ads. Even if this happens, Google will think that there are invalid clicks and disable your account. So, even if you follow the rules, there are cases or most likely that you will be click bombed by envy friends or enemies.

I will say that you must not rely on AdSense or any forms of ads networks to get rich or worse as your main income stream. I would say that these ads networks serve as another source of income. It supplements your main income and gives you extra pocket money to spend. If you google for AdSense alternatives, you will find many alternatives that you can try. However, my advice is to stay with the ads networks for a few weeks to see the earning that you will get. This is because some ads networks are very slow to update the reports and you may not get real-time updates. I think I will monitor the ads networks for say 2 months to see the effectiveness and quality of the clicks.

The first ads network that I'm reviewing is This is the easiest to apply and put onto your blog. It drives new revenue for publishers with intent-based ads in non-traditional blog places. The ad units are elegant and innovative and fully customized the appearance to add to your blog in 1-minute integration plugins.

My infolinks account

There are four Infolinks ad units. They are Inframe, Infold, Intag and Intext. Inframe capitalizes on browser margins with attractive display ads. Infold engages users with an overlay ad unit most relevant to the user's intent. Intag displays a tag cloud of keywords relevant to your content. Intext monetizes inside the lines by highlighting your best keywords. I have activated all four Infolinks ad units. I'm now into my second week and the earning is quite bad. However, I think the main reason is that my traffic is low and even if there are ad views, the ad eCPM is low and earnings are affected. I got only 0.11 for the last 9 days. I think if I can drive more traffic to my blog, the earnings should increase. I will update again at the end of December 2014.

9 Days Report
Let me know if you can help me to increase traffic to my blog. My plan is to have this as one of my income when I retire 10 years later. In order to do this, I need to work on my blog traffic and hopefully write good contents that bring more traffic to my blog.

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