Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Investment as at 21 Feb 2013

Looking at the NYSE now (12.52am SGP time), there are two stocks that drop about 35-36%. The two stocks are:

Harvest natural Resources Inc (HNR) : 5.8090 -3.36 (-36.68%)
Millennial Media Inc (MM) : 9.2200 -5.11 (-35.69)

I'm thinking of buying 500 shares of HNR and 100 shares of MM. Looking at the financial reports, they don't seem to have good earnings. Probably, they are pushed up before the report and announcement. HNR has lost the deal on the Venezuelan Sale and MM has missed the estimates... Not buying now... just paper trade... This is not an indication to sell or buy.

Oh yes, I have been monitoring this stock, Oi SA. Oi SA, formerly Brasil Telecom SA, is a Brazil-baed holding company engaged in the telecommunication sector.

I'm thinking of buying it now at the price of 3.72. Anyone has information on this stock? Is it worth investing? Thanks.

Investment as at 21 Feb 2013

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