Thursday, 10 September 2015

Received letter from lawyer on Nautical TOP

Finally, on cooling day, I received a letter from my lawyer in my email regarding the Nautical TOP. I will need to pay 25% of the purchase price, 6 months of maintenance fee and contribution towards the survey fee. After the clearance of the payments, I will be able to go online to book an appointment to collect the keys to my unit.

The Nautical Condo

The Nautical Condo had been issued the TOP on 31 July 2015. The developer MCC Land wanted to issue out all the letters by end of September 2015. Block 99 and 97 were the first to complete and then followed by Block 95 and 93. Currently Block 93 is still doing minor construction and touching up. By end September, there will be more owners collecting their keys and more human traffics at the Nautical Condo.

So far, only one family has moved in and staying there since August. They mentioned they had only three minor defects and had quickly renovated and moved in. Wow.

I was lucky to be invited by the family and had a quick tour of the Nautical Condo. The basement carpark is spacious now and there are only 2 cars parking at Block 99 basement. The lifts are of a standard size and looks ok. There are acrylic sheets protecting the walls of the lifts when the owners are doing their renovations.

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