Saturday, 3 August 2013

Investment as at 3 Aug 2013

Yesterday, I just sold off my LVS shares. After I had sold, the stock went higher... but nevertheless, I have told myself that I will not regret when I sell the stock.

My thinking is that I want to liquidate as much stocks as possible when they cross my buy price with a little bit of profit. For LVS, I have collected over 200 dollars of dividend and I think it is time for me to sell and move on. I will re-enter LVS when it is below 50 dollars. The probability is very low but I can afford to wait.

The other stock, OIBR, I have made a mistake. I can actually exit with minimum loss but I'm thinking that it can go higher. Now, instead of going up, it is going down and current I'm making a loss. I will keep it until it can cross my buy price again.

I have sold off my SPH Reit also. Since I got it at IPO price (0.90), I'm still making profit after I sold them at 0.99. Anyway, my thinking is that 2 lots are not worth to keep. I'm trying to consolidate my funds and hopefully can enter when the price is more attractive to enter.

I had bought another 10lots of Golden Agri at 0.52 to average down the ones that I have at 0.59. If Golden Agri is able to cross 0.555, I will break even and may choose to sell all holdings at this price.

Investment as at 3 Aug 2013

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